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Hours Open Widget for Profile Page


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I know there’s an on vacation thing available on FIVERR. I would like there to be a section on the profile page. It’s the sign you see on businesses that shows the hours that the store is opening for. The sign can show when a person is accepting orders. It can be stored as part of the person’s profile so that FIVERR can start keeping track of the time only when the person is working. For example, I don’t work on Saturdays. I don’t check my inboxes either. If an order is placed on Saturday I will mix it. I loose a day of work. If I had the hours available sign on, potential buyers will see that the business isn’t open on Saturdays and to not place orders on that day or to consider that when timing. Also, FIVERR knows to not count that day as a workday in their countdown. To make it easier for buyers to convert the time zone, FIVERR can ask them for their zipcode or country when they enter the site or use the geolcation thing to get the information and then convert the hours to the buyers time zone.

You can view an example on the graphic.

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