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Music promotion - when buyer is not satisfied


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Music promotion is a delicate work, because despite all the work, promoters put in, if the song to promote is bad quality, nobody will review it and no radio will play it.

So what happens if buyer doesn’t get any review or play? Normally nothing, he will complain and stop buying, What happens instead of fiverr? Buyer files a dispute and get his money back.

Fiverr as it is don’t protect music promoters against unsatisfied customers and “smart” people trying to get service for free. Normally, when a promoter receive an order, he can decide if the track is good enough to promote and eventually turn it down. On fiver you can’t, so, if a customer with very bad music order a fiverr gig , you can’t simply deny, unless you start cancelling orders (which affect gig rating). Add to this that a buyer has lots of methods to dispute the order, i really feel promoters are not protected on fiverr.

What’s the opinion of fellow promoters on fiverr? How do you deal with unsatisfied customers with awful songs or “smart” people trying to get the service for free?

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It’s a tricky one–no creative artist likes being told their work is awful, especially when they have dreams of making it big, and all too often you’ll get the brunt of that hurt ego lashing out.

Perhaps you should insert a delicately-worded clause into your gig descriptions that basically says “if your music is awful, I don’t accept responsibility for nobody listening to it”. There may be other ways to worm around the orders, such as making your base $5 relatively worthless (you add them to a Spotify list or something) and putting premiums on promotions. You can also request that anyone interested in your service inbox you first so you can vet them (but obviously, don’t sell it as such: say that you’ll give a 10% discount on all custom orders if requested–whether you apply the discount or not is up to you).

Smart people trying to get the service for free should be reported to Customer Service, and unsatisfied customers are a part of Fiverr…your best bet is to manage their expectations to a low level then overdeliver on that. It won’t stop unsatisfied customers completely, but their numbers should drop off.

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