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Communication is key


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Hello everyone. Hope you are having a great day. what i want to talk about may have been said severally, or may not even be every buyer’s or seller’s perception, but it sure helps both parties in having a good experience here on fiverr.

Communication may not be everything, but trust me, its the most part of everything. I have seen buyers who order my gig with little or no clarity even after reading through my instructions and requirements, and just zoom off. Some may be as a result of busy engagements, others may just be an oversight, but whatever the case may be, i really think many buyers should begin to consider effective communication to get what they need.

I have equally had buyers who really came forward clearly with what they need and kept communicating until their project is completed. Though not all buyers may have this time, but i sincerely think that if you are bringing out cash to order a service, its worth following through, at least to save the both parties the hassle of unrealistic revisions and possible controversies because of misunderstanding and misinformation.

I remember reading through the gig description of one of the top sellers in my niche and he clearly stated it. If you will not communicate, its just better you check next door. I could only imagine the merry go round he must have been experiencing with buyers that will buy and not say much and go away. Whenever they appear, they begin to point out things they would have clearly stated.

Communication does a lot to facilitate the success of a project especially in a scenario like fiverr where the time is ticking on us sellers. Once a buyer purchases your gig, the time starts ticking away, and if there is an important detail that wasn’t provided, you just have to keep working without it. That will result in unnecessary revision, etc.

I am sure i don’t need to write “tips for effective communication” epistle for buyers to know how to go about it. I believe its just about the attitude towards the success of their jobs and projects that needs to be changed.

I really hope both buyers and sellers will improve communication for better fiverring experience. cheers

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