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Need a bit of Feedback


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I can’t comment on your design since your field is one I’m still learning myself. I can comment on your overall profile and gig.

It’s smart to have a video and multiple images early on. You might be able to utilize the images a bit better since at a quick look I think some of your images are the same or similar to the ones in your video.

Your profile looks pretty good. The overall profile is better than many. The cookie dough reference could help you or hurt you - it just depends on the individual buyer. Many buyers would rather see only what you can do for them on business-oriented gigs but if your specialty is lifestyle gigs then a fun reference might be more helpful.

Your gig description looks good to me. The one thing you might have to do (or might not) is to offer an even bigger bargain to get started. Sometimes when you are new and have only one gig and have competition, to get your first few reviews you’ll have to pretty much give your work away and then some. It can be very wise to invest time at first and work hours on a single gig just to build your early reputation. That helps stick your gig in search for later when you don’t have the “new” column boost and it helps guarantee good reviews.

Once you build up a little, you can start slowly lowering your time until you are down to 15 minutes per $5. The other suggestion I would have to you is to dig through Buyer Requests every day. They don’t recycle daily, they aren’t on a rigid schedule, and they are often mucked up by spam from sellers who try to inappropriately advertise there. Even so, digging through them routinely can be incredibly helpful to get your first sales. Someone will usually take a chance on you for a great deal and a good communicator, which you seem to be.

That first sale is the hardest. Then the next 9 are critical to get to to Level 1. After that if you can just keep your nose clean and keep some sales going, you’re off to a decent start. People vary on opinion about one gig vs using all 7. My opinion is that at least 3 may help you as long as they are just different enough to give you more opportunities for early sales and reviews. Good luck!

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