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Attempted to deliver completed gig but Buyer is GONE!


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So, I just attempted to deliver a completed gig to a buyer (one day early) and find that the Buyer no longer exists. Would have been nice to know… I have also attempted to cancel the order just to remove it from my Dashboard and Tasks, but unable to complete cancelation since the other party no longer exists. Any suggestions?

I have also attempted to create a CS request, but none of the drop down choices are close to my problem and there is no way to explain the situation.

Thanks for suggestions.
Coach Kevin

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Update: So now the order is LATE and I’m trying to contact support and describe the situation…

Buyer: xxxxx Order: #xxxxxxxxx Ordered on Dec 11, 2015 (7 days ago)

Hello, I have made several attempts to deliver this completed order but the buyer is

I have also made several attempts to cancel the order so it will clear my dashboard and task list…
And now big red letters are telling me I am late.
Can you help?

If this user is NO LONGER AVAILABLE and has been for several days, why is the order still showing (and now showing LATE) on my dashboard.

I am unable to DELIVER or CANCEL…or make it go away.

Wow, complicated process, first you have to get past multiple dropdown menus that have nothing to do with my problem, then 3 levels of verification - I feel special.

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Update 2 - Joey from Customer Support responded quickly and canceled the offending order. I reported it as a bug since I couldn’t find any category that fit.

My only concern now is that my cancelation percentage continues to grow, but all of my cancelations have been made by CS for similar “no longer available” buyers.

The graph bothers me on my analytics page, but hopefully it won’t affect me otherwise.

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