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Revisions and modificates. Everytime you prove

Guest deemee46

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Guest deemee46

Good day!
I’m sure everyone of us hates revisions and modifications. Sometimes buyers understand that it’s not free of charge (usually, when it’s not sellers fault reason) and sometimes you have to prove. When it happens I usually improvise. all depends on buyer’s way of talk and my mood) keeping sustained is a good option, but usually you feel like a jerk when you have to prove to buyer that revision takes your time, resources instead of another buyer case work where you earn dollars. Sometimes you can blow when it takes too much time in chatting with buyer.
I use some compares, that’s one of it, I have used few hours ago:
“Sir, just imagine. You go to car service and ask to paint your car in red color. Work was done. Bit later in some reason you decided to paint it with deep blue. And what car service guys should answer you? Right, they will charge you for their work. Same situation we have now…” and so one…
Now, just wondering how do you handle same situations? Actually when you sell graphics and motion design.


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