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How to sell gig on fiverr

Guest doc_eliza

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Guest doc_eliza

Freelancing has taken a new turn as services like Fiverr have come into market. It not only facilitates buyers to get desired services at low costs (as low as $5) but sellers can also earn a lot more money in less time.
Step 1: Decide What You are Best At:
Getting a good earning at Fiverr needs that you are atleast good at one service. So determine your skill. Either you are a good graphic designer, you can give good business advice or you are good at developing websites.

Every person has some skill, I do not accept that a person can not have a skill.

So, determine your skill that you will be offering on Fiverr.

Step 2: Create a Perfectly Balanced GIG:
Creating an attractive GIG is the most important phase of working on Fiverr.
Title: Your title must not be very long nor very short and it should include medium competition keywords that are searched more often.

Description: Description of the GIG should be brief and to the point and easy English wording should be used. Appropriate keywords, sentences should be highlighted, bolded.

Media: Images and Videos are also a very critical part of a GIG. If you can create a video for your GIG, its gonna give you almost 220% more orders on your GIGs. So, always try to create a video. If you can not record a video, it’s perfectly OK. Just use atleast 3 royalty free images that are attractive enough to draw customers.

Step 3: Launch Your GIG and Let the Order Come at You:
So now, I assume that you have created a nice GIG and now you need to get orders.

Have you thought, that how could you get orders if no one is seeing your GIG? Yeah! You must work yourself to advertise your GIG and expose it to more and more people.

It can be done by following methods:

Advertise your GIG on Facebook groups (there are hundreds of Facebook groups dedicated to Fiverr advertising)
Tweet you GIG to your Twitter followers (obviously you must have a good Twitter fan base)
Use other social media tools to publicize your GIG.

If you have any question, Feel free to ask!!

Many Thanks 🙂


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