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I\'m not getting any sales at all


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I completely understand you because I was in the same boat. I have looked over your profile and here are the tips few things that I noticed immediately:

  1. Fill up your Bio profile.
    It’s very important to have information on your bio, especially if you just starting here. People want to know who you are, if you have experience in this field. This will create more trust to you.

  2. Gig description.
    Try to edit your description and write text in a more “selling way”. Look for the top sellers or just gigs in the top categories. Use bold and highlighted text. When I first create the gig here, I looked a lot at the top gigs and how they are designed. It’s the best to learn from people who had success in this.

  3. Consider adding 3 picture to your gig.
    Fiverr allows to add 3 pictures and use this advantage 🙂 Also adding video will definitely increase your impressions. But I found that adding more personal video (you are talking in front of the camera) will create even more trust to you from the buyer side. Because the person will see you.

If you edit and apply these tips, I am very positive that you will start getting sales here 🙂

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