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Seller unresponsive


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I ordered a gig here on december 1.

The time before ordering we had great communication, but after I have ordered, I haven’t heard from the seller at all. I have asked several times for him to give me an update, but there is absolutely no response.

There are still 11 days left before he is supposed to deliver, but since he does not respond to my messages, I am worried that I never will receive anything from him.

When is it OK to cancel the order?
Should I wait in silence for the 11 days to pass, or is it OK to cancel now and get someone else to do it?


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As a buyer and a seller, I understand the situation with waiting. But, who needs to wait when there are many options available. The order should be cancelled, your time is valuable and there is no need to waste time if there is not communication.

I also have had problems as a buyer. I always inquiry regarding services before placing an order to test the response time. So far the longest time for a seller to respond was 19 days!

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