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How can i get sell?


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HI there
In last November i have been published my first gig, and i have promoted my gig all of social site like Facebook, twitter, G+ etc. but till today i have no sell, and click and impression is going to Downward now. i am in crises what can i do?

Note it: i am totally new in the market place. But i have work experience to make some thing creative. i can ensure good quality work with satisfaction,

Please help to make sell and overcome frustration.

Thank you

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Just by reading your description I can tell that you are having trouble with your
English. That is enough to drive away potential buyers since they tend to believe that
it will lead to communication problems. I went and checked your gig, and again I notice a big mistake in your gig title already. What is a business "cart?"
You only have one sample image for both of your gigs, and I doubt that they are your
original work. I get the impression it’s an image you found online.
I’m afraid at this point you are not familiar with how business work.
I would advice you to read through the forums and check out other people’s gigs and
see how their gigs are made, and slowly start from there.

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