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Handling Drop in SALES


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Some months ago, I posted a question, asking what I was doing wrong with my gigs because I had an instant drop in the number of orders that I was getting. After that, I got some really helpful replies by some reputable sellers on this platform and that calmed me down.
Now I don’t really care too much if my orders are high this week and low next week and here’s why:
For every order I receive, I make sure I take my time and handle it properly as I have indicated in the description of that particular gig. So when I have up to like 4-5 orders on queue, I do them all (while my brain is still fully charged and concentrated on the task at hand) before delivering them one by one. Then I rest and wait for reviews or modification requests.
If I don’t receive any order within 2-3 days of my last delivery, I don’t go around wondering where I have gone wrong. I consider it “The dry period” of which every seller has at one point passed through. I use my dry periods to check out other successful gigs and to see if I can also pull them off. If I can do them, I will make myself busy by creating a new gig in that area and spending most of my time in trying to make it a successful one too. That keeps me busy and helps me forget about my dry period on the other gig. In no time (so it will seem), new orders will start popping in from the other gig that was in dry period.


You can tell the rest of the community how you do yours via the comment box

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I agree with this post, besides what you can do during a dry spell is find new ways to direct traffic to your gigs. For me for example, that involves looking at manufacturers website, looking at the instruction manuals for product and then contacting them with a few examples of things I would change.

I have not, as of yet got any business with this approach, but have got some reponse from Customer Service to say they will pass on my suggestions. I obviously include things like my website address and price of my work.

I have only just started doing this and I will let everyone know how that goes. Below is what I’ve done so far.

  1. Made a website.
  2. Worked on the Content of that website.
  3. Hit social media and followed companies and businesses that I believe would be interested in my work.
  4. Looked at websites of businesses that offer similar or the same service I do for inspiration.
  5. Contacted companies and businesses I believe would benefit from my work.

In other words, don’t think of it as a quiet period, but instead a time to market your skills to ensure you don’t get long quiet periods in the future.

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The buyers are in a vacation mode too. I guess most buyers use Fiverr for their business needs and since the year end projects are already done by this point or are about to be finished, there aren’t a lot of orders going on. The December of 2014 was my first December on Fiverr and I didn’t understand the drop in sales back then. This year I was kinda expecting it.

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