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How To Make More Fiverr Cash With A Social Media Strategy


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Hi all 🙂

I have read carefully (and with respect) all the posts in this unique, in its way, thread. Unique, as it is an interesting sample of civilized discussion in a case where two persons seem to strongly disagree. It is interesting to see how each part stands for their ideas and the proof of experience offered.

There would not be so much information offered if they did not disagree. There is nothing wrong in discussing in a forum, even if things might get a bit personal from time to time. We are persons, not machines.

With no intention to insult @edume, I generally agree with (quote) @jonbaas “if the comments that I share require me to take an opposing perspective to his posts, there is nothing wrong with that. Discussions are more valuable when all sides of it are equally considered.”

Actually, at least as I see it, we are not enemies here on Fiverr. As much as we need to make money in order to make a living (part time or full time or hobby-time on Fiverr), as much as technically sometimes we are antagonists, when in the same niche, I believe that we need to support each other, as wise athletes would do in a Marathon. This place used to be a happy friendly community in the old days, 3 years ago.

As for the subject of the thread itself, I find it very useful. I use social media a lot in my full time job (in real life - lol). Thank you all for sharing your advice, everyone’s view is precious.
In return, I will now share, what I personally found very useful in this thread as a reminder and/or advice:

Of course the awareness of the statistics (in the initial post of edume)
and also (quotes) @edume

  • “the concept is all about telling your story, making friends no just selling”
  • “a strategy to help increase traffic and sales. I don’t mention anything about selling to viewers. Socializing requires maintenance almost daily.”
  • “Relevant information that relates to what you are involved with you business.”

(quotes) @jonbaas

  • “if you post content on Facebook with the intention of trying to get people to buy something from another site (such as here on Fiverr), Facebook intentionally reduces the number of people who will be able to see that posted commercial content. They do this to discourage people from using Facebook’s social features for commercial gain, and to encourage people that wish to sell or promote something of a commercial nature to use their purchased ads system.”
  • “constantly posting ‘buy my gigs’ type posts on social media is a sure-fire way to LOSE your social following. Friends aren’t going to buy from sellers here on Fiverr, and if so, certainly not enough to create a viable business”
  • “Facebook specifically penalizes the organic reach of any unpaid advertising and promotion. Facebook does this in order to encourage users to purchase advertising on Facebook’s advertising platform. “

(quote) @mariokluser

  • “people who are going on social media only for their commercial succes, they do it in a not so social way at all.”

(quote) @bojansavikj

  1. Create a page that is relevant to my niche or create personal fiverr seller page
    a) ex. Page name: Affordable Writing Services
    b) ex. John Johnson – Seller on Fiverr, creative writing, article writing, seo writing etc.

Finally, I will add my own experience in Facebook where I “live” a couple of hours per day. I have found that to open up to people following you (real friends or strangers) and share real life experience texts, real life stories, philosophical thoughts, pictures of fun moments enjoying life with friends bonds one with people more than just showing the “product to be sold”. To be honestly suppoprtive to the ones in need is also great. To support other people with their projects also helps. In this way a feeling of community is born. Then people will naturally want to help you back. This has worked well in my “real” life job but I suppose that could also work for some sellers on Fiverr with their gigs.

Again, thank you everybody
all the best with social media and Fiverr sales of course!

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@kindoflost - On a similar note, Facebook pages also have a built-in automated post function that may be useful, especially for those Page admins that are pressed for time. Posts can be written in advance, and automatically posted to the page at a pre-determined time.

It’s fascinating to watch as Facebook continues to update and improve their Pages product. Heck, its fascinating to observe all of the social media improvements constantly entering into use. If you know how to use social media to your advantage (and with a strong, stable social strategy) it can benefit any project. You just have to be aware of your audience and focus on posting content that isn’t advertising in nature. Which means, you can’t just post links to your gigs and hope for the best. Social media, from a business perspective is all about strategy. There’s an art to it (which can’t really be explained in depth here, and wasn’t touched on by the original post).

Social automation, though, is a excellent idea. Thank you for sharing!

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