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How To Make More Fiverr Cash With A Social Media Strategy


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@essyjoseph Thanks for your words. Don’t worry about jonbaas as he is simply hijacks my posts all the time for his own benefit. He has a grudge against me and simply wants to look down on everyone. I keep things simple and straight forward for everyone to understand and for people to participate in the conversation.

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@edume: Wow. How very rude of you.

It might be wise for you not to self-ruin your already tenuous forum reputation. As I’ve stated before, I have no grudge against you, nor do I look down upon you or anyone else. I will, however, disagree with you when another perspective upon your comments is necessary. I share my knowledge and opinions freely in all forums (not just “yours”). I do not “hijack your posts” just to be mean. I am allowed to comment on any thread that I wish. This is a public forum after all.

Please learn to accept an opposing viewpoint – and not take them so personally. You’ll be a lot happier in your thread participation if you learn to rise above criticism, rather than wallow endlessly in it.

This thread is not about you, Edume. It is about accurate tips for sellers – tips and commentary intended to help OTHER SELLERS succeed.

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It’s nice to see that @edume maintains his pomposity consistently… why not actual argue with @jonbaas’ actual points rather than bleat about his “stalking” and “hijacking”, when all he’s done is present another viewpoint on a public forum? One that I felt added value to the discussion as well as depth?

@essyjoseph “Remember that social media is not all about selling something but INTERACTION…”

This was pointed out several times by @jonbaas. I find it amusing that you’re defending someone for being “misunderstood” when they’re shutting down interaction, but that’s just me being amused with little details.

On-topic, I hate social media advertising so I don’t do it. If I did, my lucky customers would be subject to whatever waffles I had that day with a hastily added “please hire me!” at the end. If anyone’s going to do it, they really need to remember the key is VALUE. Keep it interesting, with 20% marketing and 80% interesting and cool stuff.

Not as easy as it sounds…

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So, where is the strategy @edume? Signing up on social media is not a strategy. There is nothing direct in this post and not a single useful direction.

I don’t know @jonbaas but he is making relevant remarks about your shallow post and you are constantly complaining that he is hijacking you, which he is obviously not. He is not being negative, just constructive.

The only thing that I like about this post is that it is encouraging to some of the sellers here.

However, I don’t want to “hijack” edume nor put him down, so I will put in my tips that I would implement based on my 5 year marketing experience.

If I would ever use social media to promote my gigs, it will be in this way (and I will do this after Fiverr introduces Gig Packages in my category):


  1. Create a page that is relevant to my niche or create personal fiverr seller page

a) ex. Page name: Affordable Writing Services

b) ex. John Johnson - Seller on Fiverr, creative writing, article writing, seo writing etc.

  1. Invest in getting likes and then advertise with sponsored posts

  2. Relevant comment/retweet on websites relevant to my niche (not spamming)

  3. Moderately messaging businesses for possible collaboration offering my services


  1. I don’t plan to advertise here, but people that sell any graphic/art/photo/animation design services could highly benefit from Instagram’s hashtags and the new advertising system. If I ever do it I will create a page relevant to my niche and put relevant photos and maybe do some campaigns.

  2. I don’t see value in Pinterest for us who sell digital services. Pinterest is more for physical goods (like clothes, make up, interior design, furniture etc) and not for digital services


  1. The only way I may use Google + is to create a page in order to get a good backlink and possibly some traffic to my gigs, but not too optimistic about Google+. Another way I may use is to contact businesses that may need writing services, however, spamming is not recommended, so do it smart and moderately.

  2. If you do it whitehat (legit way) you will never have any sale from reddit users because they will call you a spammer and your account will be marked and you will not be able to post a link never again. However, following the right categories (subreddits) in your niche may lead you to some good leads. You have to be active in this community and participate in the community with comments and other relevant links, not only advertising yourself.

So, here is my point of view on Social Media and selling on Fiverr. It is maybe too general and there are a lot of details that need to be done that I didn’t included like choosing the best photo, logo, cover photo, hashtags, targeting, budget planning, ROI etc.

P.S: @emaki good remarks

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Ooh yes, Reddit really hates spammers… although I’ve noticed quite a lot of subtle marketing there lately. I suppose you might call it “anti advertising” in that it says that [company] or [product] isn’t great. There’s also the cross-imgur albums in which certain products will be repeatedly showcased without necessarily mentioning it. I may be looking too deeply into otherwise superficial posts, of course, but I have noticed it.

PS greetings to Skopje from a neighbor!

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@bojansavikj kept this simple with facts and figures. Let people determine what to do. jonbaas has not been productive. He believes he knows everything but doesn’t want to start his own thread with his ideas to help others. He simply chooses to hijack every posting that we make. You can search for yourself on previous posts. Thanks for posting some ideas for people to read.

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Seriously? The more you rant about me, the further your reputation slips. I haven’t done or said anything wrong – in any of the Fiverr threads that I have posted in.

If you feel that you must remain bitter towards me or hold a silly grudge, though, hey, that’s your choice. It’s an unfortunately choice on your part, but a choice nonetheless. YOU are responsible for your own choices, your own actions, and your own forum claims (no matter how opinionated or short-sighted they may be).

It is YOUR reputation on the line, not mine.

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@jonbaas You claim you are a fackbook expert? The last time anything was done on your facebook page was 2014.

We’ve been in business for 28 years, we have a staff of wonderful people who answer your postings!

Fiverr is not our main business and as I’ve told others, you need to have multiple streams of income and not just fiverr.

We enjoy helping small business on fiverr and giving back. When you do that jonbaas, more comes to you.

But, when you have a pessimistic outlook on life as you have shown, it’s simply counter productive.

Not sure why you’ve chosen to police everything we do but it seems you like us a lot and we appreciate that.

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@edume - Please don’t start that “I’ve been in business for 28 years, so I (edume) know everything about business, and how to do business” crap again. It was derogatory and insulting to every Fiverr seller the first time you whipped us with it in other forum threads. You’re successful in business, we get that. We respect that. But that doesn’t mean that your 28 years of business translate to equal understanding about how Facebook works. You’ve clearly established that your “social media strategy” is something new (and recently “researched”). You are clearly not a Facebook guru.

As for your claim that I am not a Facebook expert, merely because one Facebook page bearing my name is not presently active, is extremely shortsighted. For the sake of clarification, I currently maintain six other active Facebook pages (seven total – for a variety of projects and organizations – with more in the works).

My once-primary career-based Facebook page (the one you appear to have found) is inactive due to Facebook organic reach limitations placed upon ALL Facebook pages. That once-primary Facebook page is “in drydock” so to speak (with public relaunch from a different angle very soon), while it’s former fan base has been shifted to my personal Facebook account. Personal Facebook accounts allow “follow” options significantly less restricted by Facebook organic reach. Many celebrities and public figures have pursued the same shift (from page to personal account) in order to circumnavigate the restrictive organic reach limitations.

So yes, I am certain that I know more about how Facebook works than you do, and that my comments within this Fiverr forum thread are valuable and beneficial to others. The fact that you are basing your understanding of my knowledge of Facebook on one clearly inactive Facebook page shows how little you actually know.

In addition, I’m not sure why you bring up the multiple sources of income thing – I have plenty of those as well. Yes, I ALSO know how to be successful and profitable in business. I’m not sure I understand your point here?

And a “pessimistic outlook on life”? Seriously? I don’t understand the relevance of this claim either. If you know me – here on the forums, on social media, even in real life – you would know one of the happiest, blessed, most optimistic people you’ve ever met. Pessimism is not part of my personality.

It’s time to stop your commentary about my value and personality, and your claims that I am policing, oppressing, and intentionally assaulting you on the Fiverr forums just because you think that I am being mean to you. I’ve stated that is not at all relevant. I am not “stalking” you in anyway.

Everything you have said about me or what I do in your post above is wrong. It’s time to move on to smarter conversation.

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@emmaki Of course he is guilty and he’s taken it upon himself to police everything we do. Who does he think he is? If you looked at the big picture and other postings of the past you can see he simply hijacks everything we do for his own benefit.

You know when we produced several tv shows a number of years ago we had creepy people trying to cause us trouble. This is always the case when successful people are trying to be held back by others. So, we are no strangers to the virtual world of being bullied. we have good laugh. You save forum posts? LOL.

We do thank jonbaas for his provocative answers as it has netted us with many inquiries. So, in the end there’s nothing to let go as it is already gone. We’ve done nothing wrong. we’ve provided beneficial information to those who wish to use and we will continue to do so. Take care and stay positive.

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Oh, @edume, you continue to make self-aggrandizing claims. You continue to play the “I’m innocent and oppressed” card (when you are most definitely not innocent, nor oppressed). And you continue to hold a foolish grudge against me, merely because I disagree with you on certain valid points. You can stop now. Seriously. Stop. You’re not helping your case. And I am growing tired of your deepening foolishness.

To answer your latest claims, I can assure you, I am not, in any way, jealous of your success. I have worked very hard to build my own. I’m happy with my own success. I don’t need to steal yours as well. The fact that you have now chosen to drag this thread down to new lows by claiming that I am out to ruin your success, hold you back, and have become a “virtual bully” who is “hijacking your threads”, proves that you’ve lost all understanding of the discussion, situation or your participation on the Fiverr forums.

Those are serious claims that you have made. False, but serious nonetheless. And I continue to respond to all of them with honest and straightforward replies. However, you clearly aren’t listening to me, nor do you seem interested in showing me any respect by doing so. It has become clear to me that you just wish to argue for the sake of arguing. Perhaps you feel that this makes you seem wise, intelligent, or superior, I don’t know. Whatever your reasons, you are done now. No more. Please stop this foolishness.

Your continued forum comments are not becoming of a respectable Fiverr seller.

Like @emmaki said, let it go. Move on.

I would very much like to be done with these assaults on my character. I grow tired of having to defend myself against your repeated false claims against my personality, my knowledge as an experienced businessman and Fiverr seller, and my upstanding intentions here on the Fiverr forums. You are done. THIS… is done. No more.

I have asked nicely. Please do not force me to take this to the next level of authority.

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