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Tips for NEW Sellers to Get First SALE


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Dear New Sellers,

I know maybe these tips that I will share with you might be familiar for most sellers, but still we have to keep them in mind. Small details like that will pay off in the end.

  1. Gig Description should be organized and clearly shows what you offer and why your service is better than other services here on fiverr.

  2. Because you just start your career here, you probably have more extra time than other sellers here who are overbooked and have a lot of orders in queue. So offer delivery in 1 day if you can or just offer some extra bonus. (Ex: Instead of 1 logo, offer 2 + multiple revisions and quick delivery). Like this you will beat your competitors and the buyers will prefer going to you.

  3. Consider adding a video to your gig. Record yourself and explain what exactly you offer. When the audience will see you through the video, they will trust you more.

  4. Contact buyers through “Buyer Requests Page”, offer the service to them and write personal message. DON’T SPAM and DON’T SEND THE SAME MESSAGE TO EVERYONE.

  5. Consistency is the key. Make sure you review your gigs every week or few days to make sure there are no grammatical errors. As well as the gig description is clear. Write about yourself in profile bio, include your skills, experience if you have.

All these factors worked well for me at the beginning, remember we all were at this early stage as well and it wasn’t not easy to get first sale. We understand you all, don’t give up 🙂

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