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My Story : From a Fiverr Buyer to Fiverr Seller Level 2


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I was searching Knowledge base Article for my company. There I found a fiverr link where a person was offering some.
I ordered his GIG and he delivered in time which impressed me a lot. As a web programmer I also wanted to create some
GIGs on Fiverr and I came across with some creative ideas that will not only become my way of earning but also help people in trouble.

Very soon I achieved the LEVEL 1 Badge and it encouraged me to work hard. After 7 Months struggle I got the honor to get the LEVEL 2 Badge and I know how much struggle is required to get it. I feel very happy and satisfied of my struggle and the encouragement has boosted up for next levels.

I would like to dedicate this story to all those freelancers who are on job and doing struggle in their spare time for their lifestyle. “I would like to welcome all those who have any confusion about Fiverr, Would like to guide them” Thanks to ALL.

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