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Can anyone help me to start new service


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I would read forums and sites dedicated to people who use those items. See what people on those sites want and need and maybe you can apply it to something you could offer on Fiverr.

Most Fiverr forum readers are good at offering help related to using Fiverr itself, gig promotion, etc. Coming up with new and unique gigs is what all sellers do hoping to be the first with a new idea. Finding an idea like that can be the golden key to a whole new level of sales. If someone did come up with a brilliant idea and posted it, you might suddenly find a few new gigs from sellers trying to beat you to it. 🙂

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Hah Me too want )
I’m starting now my path with a small hubsan x4 h107c
have look (hd camera 720p, not fpv). with it i bought a set of batteries (500 mAh instead of the original 380 mAh) and a crash pack (spare propellers, motors, leds, rubber landing feets, and a body)
after few weeks of use i could say that i made an excellent choice in buying all that stuff. propellers brake or fly away every time and i could use ALL the eleven batteries i have in a pair of hours

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