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From $0 to $8000 in 5 Months! + Key Things which Worked for ME at the Beginning


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Dear Buyers and Sellers,

Just wanted to share my little story with you. In the end of June 2015, I started dedicating my time to Fiverr and offer SMM Services. I have been registered since 2013 but I always didn’t know what I can offer here. I tried a lot of different services like: posting flyers, graphic design, logo, video editing, logo design and etc. But all of this services didn’t work for me successfully. It took me so much time to complete the 1 order, I was very dedicated to it but I knew if I will have multiple orders per day, I would just not able to get them done.

But this year I started to be involve more in the social media and especially the marketing part of it. This is was something I enjoyed to do. I learnt few techniques from the SMM Websites, Forums and different Courses. After that, I thought about Fiverr again and this time I can really offer something useful for the people. In July 2015 I posted my gig and after maybe 1 week I received my first order. I was very happy and over delivered the order for my buyer. I tried to be as flexible as possible in terms of pricing.

First of all, COMMUNICATION was the key at the beginning. Because I didn’t have any reviews and a lot of buyers were concerned about my service, because I require the password from their social media accounts. But I tried to always explain all my steps and reply as soon as possible. This was the key for me at the early stage.

Second was the CONSISTENCY. Once you start on fiverr, you don’t really have any orders. First month I will say, I had only few orders, maybe 1 a week or 2. But one of the key things that worked well for me was going to Buyer Requests and send the offer and contacted people through private message (not spam).

But one of the most important aspects is to ENJOY what you are doing. When you enjoy, you will have more success.

Hopefully some sellers will find this useful, don’t give up, every single seller can be successful here.

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