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Can we get the tips for sellers and tips for buyers searchable/organized?

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Hello, everyone. So I don’t understand the purpose of the tips for sellers forum and the tips for buyers forum, if there is no organizations to it or way to search it. People can go onto these forums and have a question, but can’t find it because it is on page 20 of the posts. Or people will post similar questions or answers and it will become very redundant and people will stop using the forums. So is there a way we could actually make these forums 10 times more useful? Please. Pretty please with sugar on top. It is stressful for those who are new to this site, and a lot of us have posted relevant info to help. We are doing fiverr’s job for them. Couldn’t they at least make it easier for people to find the info? What do you all think about this? Am I just a dreamer?

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