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Delivery time should multiply with price when ordering multiple quantities


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I’m a proofreader and I use word counts with different prices and delivery times. If someone has 15,000 words, they can order it in one of two ways: they can buy 2,500 words (the base; $5 and two days) and an extra 2,500 words ($5 and two days), plus another 10,000 words ($20 and eight days), which adds up to $30 and a twelve-day delivery time. This is ideal for me, and how I would like them to order. Or they can buy 6 quantities of the 2,500 words option, which also costs $30, but must be delivered in two days. Much more difficult! Not impossible, but why should I rush for no extra incentive?

Fiverr justifies this nonsense by saying “10 orders from one person is the same as 1 order from 10 people”, which is true, I’ll grant you. And if that happened, I might be in trouble and would probably have to mutually cancel some orders. But I should have the freedom to customize MY gig page the way I like it. And this includes giving myself plenty of extra time to complete individual orders. Not to mention the fact that I also charge extra for speedier delivery, which is actually how I make a great deal of my revenue. But why should they pay for a fast delivery time when they can just sneak around it by ordering multiple quantities?

This, like many things on Fiverr, desperately needs to be addressed.


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