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Even after delivering order, it shows in TO-DO list


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I posted asking about this yesterday:
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Anyone else have to "Deliver" orders multiple times to get them to go through?

Hi there, I am pretty new to Fiverr, and I'm wondering whether the problem I have is a common one, or whether there's an issue specifically affecting my account. My first dozen orders or so all delivered first time, perfectly, no problems. But...

I recommend checking with your buyer whether they have received it. When mine looked like yours, it hadn’t actually been delivered and the buyers had not received it.

They only received it once the order had moved out of the to-do list and into the “delivered” folder.

You’ll see the thread I linked to, I did eventually, after much stress and worry and an incredibly amount of wasted time, find a work around that got it to work for me.

Hope that helps.

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In my case, due to this problem, it was marked as “Late Delivery”. But it got resolved now. What I did was, attached the delivery in .rar file (earlier it was a simple text file) and it worked. But I’m not happy to see “Order Delivered” percentage as 67% now which was 100% before this order.

Thank you for your reply.

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I’m bumping this up because I’m also having issues with it. I’ve contacted customer support and they’re looking into it as we speak. I’ve delivered four jobs that were said “delivered”, but aren’t leaving my queue and the buyers aren’t getting them. They’re just stuck collecting fake “late” time.

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