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Messaging Me For a Job? Stop and Show Me You Actually Have Something To Offer


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This goes along with emmaki’s latest post. I actually had someone message me asking me for a job. At first I thought he was asking help on how to create gigs. I directed him to the awesome posts we have here. He responded that he wanted an “easy” job with me. He used that word “easy” several times as we messaged back and forth. Not once did he give me a specific job he could do for me. I looked at his profile and his gig was so vague, I couldn’t even understand what he was offering.

1- If you cannot spend the time creating a clear, understandable gig, why would someone believe you would spend the time to get their job done right?
2- If you don’t have anything specific to offer, how are we to know what you can do for us?
3- If I am in need of services, I have no problem finding someone who will do that service for me. And I’m going to look for someone who gives a professional, capable impression with their gig.
4- Fiverr is not the website to make “easy” money. Yes, you can make money, but it takes a lot to make things happen.
5- It is not everyone else’s job on fiverr to give you a job. They are busy working their jobs. Do the work that everyone else has to do. We all start as newbie’s on fiverr, and learn the ropes.

Thanks, Let’s make Fiverr an awesome place. Grace

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My ears started burning, so here I am!

I agree with your points. It could have been worse–you could have got an unwanted custom offer (AKA a to do list clogger that needs the CS plunger to get rid)! I guess your guy wasn’t a native English speaker. I wonder if by “easy” job he meant an unspecified task that he could do that would make you go “wowzers!” and hire him forever.

I would have told him that I’d be more impressed, since the begging bowl was out, if he could do something really complex like this 1000 word biopharma legal doc that’s been run through Translate from Spanish with a hefty dose of semi-translated gibberish. My task: make this into 500 words of layman’s English without cutting out any important information (i.e. the gibberish) in 24 hours. Oh, and those 24 hours start at 11pm. Have fun! What, you wanted to go to bed tonight? lolno.

I may or may not have such a document in my possession 😉

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