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Christmas is comeing and still no sales


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Yes, this thing works! Lots of people are making money on Fiverr. Some make a little money and some make a lot, but it’s working. So, the question is - why isn’t it working for you?

I don’t sell in your categories, but I can look at them as a potential buyer. The one that catches my eye the most as unique is “animate a character.” I looked at your non-animation gig and it was cute. I don’t have a trained eye at all and I did see some pixelation during transitions, so that was a bit off-putting. I saw your mention of the end-product being better, but while you wait on a buyer, why not make a better video?

The Halloween gig is past it’s prime for now. That leaves a background removal gig which most people can do for themselves now and even a TRS may offer the simple version of that for $5. You have a hipster logo gig that looks pretty simplistic and easy to get anywhere. Then you have a puppet gig that has no video at all. I don’t know what I’d be getting on that one.

So, off the top of my head without looking closer, I’d say those things would need to be addressed to help. Then you’d need to market the heck out of your gigs. Use Buyer Requests first and branch out to social media and the My Fiverr Gigs category of the forum.

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