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Does removing negative feedback really affect the overall rating? It didn't for


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I recently got my negative feedbacks removed with the consent of my old clients.

out of 1864 gigs, I have received 921 positive reviews and 11 negative reviews.

i had 14 negative reviews,. i gave some free stuffs to my clients and asked to remove the negative feedback to remove it, got them removed. my overall rating(positive rating) was 98%.

After removing 3 negative reviews, my overall rating is still 98%. How does this overall rating actually work ??

can anyone help me with it? do i need more positive reviews to increase it ? or is it bug.
for a single negative rating, the positive rating slashes down by 1 or 2% but why not increased?

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I don’t think this is a bug. Yeah, that’s right, you remove some negative feedback, but still you have some negative feedbacks alive, so just keep going and collect more positive reviews your % of review will increase very soon and if you think after removing some negative feedback it should increase a little then you can try to remove your browser cookie because some time browser cookie affect updating things.


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