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Anyone else have to "Deliver" orders multiple times to get them to go through?


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Hi there,

I am pretty new to Fiverr, and I’m wondering whether the problem I have is a common one, or whether there’s an issue specifically affecting my account.

My first dozen orders or so all delivered first time, perfectly, no problems.

But over the last few days I have had to repeatedly deliver my orders to get them to go through - sending them 5 or 6 times.

The deliveries all show in the timeline of the order, but the order does not move from the “active” to the “delivered” folder and the clock continues to tick. So I can see they are not ACTUALLY delivered, and communications with my clients confirm that.

They’ve all gone through eventually, so there is nothing wrong with the size of the files, etc, that I’m trying to deliver.

I’ve tried logging out and back in, quitting and reopening my browser, clearing my cache, restarting my computer, and still they don’t go through.

I’m currently trying to deliver one that is showing as delivered, and I kid you not, 19, yes NINETEEN times, yet the clock is still ticking and the order has not moved to the “delivered” folder and my client has not received it.

It’s so frustrating, when I’ve worked hard to impress a new customer with my speedy service, to then have my delivery held up by the system refusing to deliver it!!!

Can anyone advise?

Or, perhaps, provide some comfort that I’m not the only one with this problem?!!!

(I have also opened a customer support ticket asking these questions)

Thanks in advance,


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For anyone else experiencing this problem, who might find this thread in the future, I did just find a way around it…

After 21 unsuccessful deliveries, I decided to try delivering an empty order, i.e. just a message without an attachment.

This went through first time.

I then IMMEDIATELY “Redelivered” the order with the attachment, which also went through first time.

I realize that delivering an empty order is against the Terms of Service - however, I don’t think there can be any objection to using it as a solution to a problem which would otherwise cause the order to never be delivered at all!!!

Plus Customer Service can easily see the 21 previous attempts, and my communications with the buyer showing all those attempts failed - they will also see the support ticket I opened as well as this question I posted in the forum and, hopefully, they will appreciate that what I was doing was trying my very best to solve a system problem and provide good customer service.

Hope that’s helpful to anyone else suffering the same incredibly time consuming frustration that I just went through!

Happy delivering!


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