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How I lost it all and how I'm getting it back


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Hey guys. I just wanted to share a few words with my fellow colleagues.

I first joined Fiverr in the second day of this year. It was also the today I have put up a gig for logo design, and, for my surprise, I got my first order after 2 minutes of publishing my gig. After one day, I made my first $5.

I was a 20 year old then who just moved into a rent, with a 9-5 job as a graphic designer at a local printshop and I was making a lot of wrong moves and wasn’t really taking care of myself. I had a few more orders on Fiverr and then I had a pause from it. Got my first order cancelled and my rating dropped. Then I started reading the forum more and I started studying the platform more.

I managed to get to LVL 1 in the first month, and I was about 100 orders deep two months after while reaching LVL 2. Clients were extremely happy with what they were getting, I was managing to make the extra money I needed to survive (in Romania, my dayjob salary only covers rent, utilities and maybe a few bucks left for a few meals).

After a few months, I had some stressful times like we all do and the world collapsed. I was suddenly having panic attacks and I wasn’t feeling well at all and I also moved to a new rent where I didn’t have any internet connection and I had to wait 2 weeks. I wasn’t thinking clearly, I had a foggy mind and I wasn’t taking care of my Fiverr account either. Orders got cancelled, clients got mad, I didn’t reacted properly and I dropped my rating to around 89%.

I was really down after all this happened. A few months passed in which all I’ve did is smoke my problems away. I knew what I had to do but couldn’t motivate myself. I started eating healthier, I started exercising (I dropped around 20 kgs, haha), I started to regain my focus.

I also introduced my girlfriend to fiverr. She picked up Photoshop and Illustrator from me (we were living together so she got the hang of it pretty quickly). She needed money too and she has a major in Ambiental Design too. She got to level 2 quick and she now has over 180 sales!

I knew I needed Fiverr. I started talking to past clients and managed to remove some negative feedback from my profile. Started brushing my gigs. Refreshing buyer requests for the perfect requests to apply on daily. Changing metatags. Watching competition. Make clients happier. Be more calm and understanding. Creating new gigs.

I managed to bring up my rating to 93% right now and yesterday and today were two days that made me extremely happy. I was contacted by the Fiverr staff to participate in a design competition, and, today, my packaging & label design gig GOT FEATURED!

I can’t wait to see what life brings on my path. I wish you all a great day, and all I got to stay is grind hard & stay concentrated!


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