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There are many things that attracts customer attention towards your fiverr profile but I’ll talk only about those that I found satisfactory or which worked for me.

  1. First of all before starting it you should what is your area of interest, what is it that you would love to but love is not enough you should know that whether you can do what you love or you just love it.so before starting work on fiverr you must have some good skills that can give an edge over your competitors on it.
  2. Second, you must select a professional looking picture for your profile that can give a strong support to your profile and will kind of make you look professional.
  3. Third, don’t use words that look amateur or doesn’t look good like using the words horrible disgusting awful etc which can negatively affect your customers. Instead you can use your own name, if it’s not available you can also add some numerical numbers to it make it unique.
  4. Your cover photo also reveals your identity, passion and interest in the selected area which gives a positive or negative impression.
  5. Your personal statements that are shown on your profile is what makes others think about you, that is why your statement should only focus on your profession and your skills, it should not be about who you are but what you are.
  6. Do not accept an offer before knowing the nature of it, you can ask you customer about the nature of work and its details in the conversations area before approving it.
    These are some short tips that I really wanted to share with fiverr users, my knowledge end here because I am also new to it, but I’ll share with you people if come to know some other things about it. God speed, earn well!!
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I read it differently, as in don’t use words like that in a gig description. If that’s the case, I disagree. Part of sales is presenting a problem (‘does your website look awful?’) and then presenting a solution (‘I will totally fix it for you by x, y, z-ing!’). Then it goes off into names and numerals, so… IDK. These one size fits all tips don’t sit well with me.

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