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Unique Idea, First Of It Own Kind In Fiverr! BUT NO SALES!


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This is Jedd,
I’m a member of a production team based in Sri Lanka. I came up with this idea which I think quite awesome.

So we started our first gig few days ago.

We did a full research. Checked this forum for every single peace of information before we start. Followed all the techniques.

Despite all above still no sales, NOT even a message.

I just want to know that if it’s the gig idea which is wrong.

Truly appreciate your comments. Link to my gig is mentioned below.


Team Black Pepper

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Sometimes it takes ages to get your first buyer here.

I actually quite like that gig you have. Unique indeed. But have faith. I have a typography related gig that was on here for almost 6-7 months before I got my first sale. And after that the gig has ended up being the one that gets me the highest sales. At one point I had almost thought of taking it off.

The first strategy would be to over-deliver. At least until you get that Level 1 badge. Things become a bit easier after that.
Keep promoting it on social media. If you have any other gigs that are selling, add a signature at the bottom of your messages, reposition it in a different category if nothing is working. Offer variations in the gig (costume changes, special effects or something like that)

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I think the thing you need to consider more closely is, yes, it might be an awesome idea to you, but is your service something other people need or are looking for? You definitely have an interesting service… but not one that is in demand. You might find yourself struggling a great deal to find steady sales. There just isn’t a strong market for magical paper-ripping videos.

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