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How to get the job done just the way you want


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I’m writing this as a gift to all the great buyers I met during my fantastic first month on Fiverr.
Although this platform seems a fairly simple one, you have to keep in mind that you’re making a business deal with someone you have never even seen or talked to in real life. It’s really important to understand that although you’re interacting with a web interface, the real job is done by another human being.

Communicate, communicate well and then communicate even better

You should clearly explain the exact task you want the seller to complete. Don’t just limit your conversations to text messages. Feel free to use graphics, examples from the internet, instruction videos and even hand drawn sketches to make sure the idea inside of your head and all your requirements are understood by the service provider.

Be nice, build a good work-relationship

I’m not going to elaborate on this. But just give it a try and you’ll be surprised to see the significant improvement in the quality of the deliveries. 🙂

Go for the packages

The new Fiverr packages are a great tool for you to get your huge projects done easily from scratch. Ask the seller about the features included in the package and tune it to suit your project using use your negotiation skills and by purchasing extras.

Keep in touch

If it takes several days to complete the order, be sure to check up on the seller from time to time. He/she may need your guidance or instructions. You can always ask for updates or previews of the work underway. That is a great way to avoid disappointing deliveries after waiting for several business days.

Be realistic with your budget and deadlines

Although the site is named Fiverr, we all know that there are limitations to what five bucks could do/ 🙂 So, be realistic when you ask a seller to do a job for 5$. Sometimes 5$ will be more than enough for your task. But sometimes you may be asking a bit too much when you assign a huge work load for 5$ within 24 hours. Although there may be sellers willing to do that, you may experience some difficulties at the end of the order if the work done is not up to your standards.

Forgive and forget but don’t get scammed

There’s this one time I really messed up a job because of some personal matters. But I was determined to complete it within the given time, but the buyer wanted to see an update and was disappointed with the progress. She has been a great buyer and had purchased multiple gigs from me before. So I panicked and said sorry and refunded her immediately. I thought I’ll never see her name on my to do list again 😃 But then she talked to me, and asked about my troubles and told me that she’d give me a second chance. I couldn’t believe my luck when she placed a bigger order the next day.
Her method totally worked; I felt much better about my situation and I was very focused on what I did. The final output was more than what she expected and both of us were happy.

productivity comes from passion

But you should have a good eye to understand and filter the good from the bad.

Be patient. Ask for revisions

Be patient when things go wrong the first time. Go through the delivered items and mark all the errors or the things that you want the seller to change. Politely ask the seller to modify them and redeliver the work. Most sellers will provide 1 or several revisions without an additional charge.

Buyers : I hope these tips will lead you towards a better Fiverr experience 🙂
Sellers : feel free to add what else you think might be important 🙂

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Good tips. I often have buyers who place initial order, but don’t respond to follow-up messages. Typically I need clarification or extra details to make sure buyer gets the best product. Buyers communication is critical to make sure you get the best.

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