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How to write Two Column gig description?


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I posted this query earlier but got no response from fellow sellers probably because the post was in wrong category. So posting again in this category and hope to get some advises from you.

I went through many gigs of the sellers those were written in two columns. Can any body help me advising, how can I write gig description in two column?

Thank you.

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If you realise you have a post in the wrong category within a day, please edit and move it (while you can) so duplicate posts aren’t up.

To answer your question, it sounds like you saw a gig with packages. Packages appear in column format. That method isn’t yet available in all categories. When it becomes available for your gig, you will see instructions on how to use it. Fiverr is rolling that feature out slowly. See more here and good luck:


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Gig Packages - What price should you set?

So, if you haven't yet heard, Fiverr are currently rolling out a new 'package' feature (available in a few select categories right now, including book covers). You can read more about this here:...

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