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Placing selected reviews on top

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This suggestion is for seller profiles.

Over a period of time sellers get many positive feedback. Some of the buyers take time to write very good reviews, and some just say “Thank You” or something like that. I appreciate all the buyers giving feedback, short or detailed. But, some reviews are, so impressive that, I don’t want them to get buried, and like them to be displayed on top.

I would love, if Fiverr gives sellers to choose their favorite reviews to be shown on the top/first page. That way, we sellers can showcase the best reviews to our buyers, and this definitely would help in getting more orders.

Of course, we get negative reviews as well, and Fiverr may not want to go them to the end because of this facility. So, maybe, some percentage of negative feedback also be displayed on top OR maybe separate reviews based on star ratings, so buyers can view them with ease. For example, buyers can view, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 star ratings with just a single click. This is something like on e-commerce sites like amazon.

Sellers’ ratings act as a very important factor in getting orders, and buyers don’t have time to see all the ratings, especially, if the sellers have a great number of review. That’s why this suggestion.

Any thoughts on this, colleagues?

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