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What is your "Delivered on Time" %age?


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83% delivered on time. I’m a stay at home mom of three (two in school). Life happens. I’m always very clear and honest with my customers when I’m late. I try to give them a heads up. It’s always delivered within no more than 24 hours of the deadline, usually within a few hours of the deadline (with the exception of one or two during Thanksgiving week, which went slightly over, but the buyers knew and were fine with it). It hasn’t really hindered my flow of sales. What HAS slowed down my sales is during Thanksgiving week I set all of my gigs to 7 day delivery so that my week could be pretty wide open for my family… I haven’t quite bounced back yet, but sales are starting to pick back up.

I’ve found that customer service is KING. Even when gigs have been late, I’ve still gotten a 5 star review because they are satisfied with the finished product and my customer service.

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