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December is not good for sellers so far


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It’s only 3 days into the month! Remember: feast or famine. You can’t expect to be super-busy all year round, and realistically, nobody should be. when my business gets slow (as I fully intend it to towards the end of next week through to Jan 2016), I enjoy the whole not working thing. Or at least, working for less than an hour a day. It’s fun!

This is also why all freelancers should, if possible, maintain savings at least six months into the future, ideally longer. Emergencies happen as well as periods of scraping by with projects. That whole “not working” thing? I won’t be making money, but I will be looking into new ways to expand my business and services and tinkering about with current services.

Moaning about a lack of business on a forum won’t get you anywhere. Use your time wisely and be smart. Maybe you made just $5 in the past 3 days, but I can tell you, others have likely already cracked open their first $1000 and more–and they’ve had poor months too. We all do. It’s the nature of the beast.

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