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Direct payments to your PayPal account


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Hello everyone…

I still miss this feature:
Wouldn’t it be awesome if Sellers could receive direct payments to their PayPal account after a sale? that means that the buyers pays you directly to your paypal account in stead of Fiverr’s account. Like ebay have. The buyers pays the sellers directly… No need to wait for your earnings…

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First, how would Fiverr get their commission?
Answer: By using PayPal Adaptive Payments, this way Fiverr gets the commission the want.

Second, as a seller I want some funds on Fiverr so I can buy gigs without a processing fee.
Aswer: Make an option that lets you get direct paid for those who want that, and another option for those who dont.

Third, fraudulent buyers could still do chargebacks so it wouldn’t prevent the biggest problem many sellers face with revenues.
Answer: This problem has never been a HUGE problem for big sites like Ebay, Sellfy and to be continued. I dont think it will be a problem here as well. You will ofcourse get some, but you will have ten times more happy sellers.

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