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To voice over artist who keep getting demands for custom auditions


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Hello all of you awesome voice over artists on fiverr. I have heard a lot of stories about customers demanding free custom auditions. Totally not a cool thing to do on fiverr. If you keep getting these requests, feel free to send them the link below which respectfully points out why they are being *********, and taking advantage ( I don’t call them ******* in the post). Just send them the link and say nothing more. If you are new to voice over here at fiver, please read this article, so that you are aware, and are not taken advantage of.

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Why most voice over artists will not give you free custom auditions on Fiverr

So, you've gotten onto fiverr, looking for the perfect voice over artist for your job. You find someone you are really interested in using, but when you send them a message asking them to record a minute of your text, they refuse, or don't even...

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