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Why most voice over artists will not give you free custom auditions on Fiverr


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So, you’ve gotten onto fiverr, looking for the perfect voice over artist for your job. You find someone you are really interested in using, but when you send them a message asking them to record a minute of your text, they refuse, or don’t even answer your message. What’s up with that? Aren’t artists supposed to audition for jobs?

Well, yes, if they are on a site like ********.com. BUT IRREFUTABLY “NO”, ON FIVERR.

Why is that? Well, lets compare ********.com to Fiverr. I’m on both sites, and have done jobs on both.

1- PAY TO PLAY, PEOPLE: For those of you who do not know, ********.com is one of the, if not the premier voice over web site available. And you will pay much much more for the privilege of using it. Jobs start out at $100 on ********.com, even if it is a 6 word job, while the minimum on Fiverr, is $5. So there is a big difference in price as well as responsibilities for the parties involved. If you want to listen to 30 to 100 auditions for your job, then go to Voices.com. If you want to save a but load of money, but still get a great product, you can find ways to do that on Fiverr . But you don’t get to shaft artists on fiverr during the process either.

2-HOW DO WE KNOW THIS IS A REAL JOB? So many people try to scam hard working people on Fiverr. They may say, “we have a large job, so please read this paragraph,” when all they really needed was the paragraph. They just got a great voice over for free that would have cost them $100 to $200 on ********.com.
And how do we know you are who you say you are? Some teenage kid could post a job and ask 50 people to send in an audition, and then get together friday night with his friends and listen to the recordings while making fun of the artists and smoking pot . We have no way of really knowing this is a legitimate job, or who you are. On ********.com, companies work with representatives to set up jobs. They know the company can pay for the job before it is even posted. Money is deposited into the website’s account to ensure if someone gets the job they’ll be paid.

3- A 30 SECOND RECORDING DOES NOT TAKE US 30 SECONDS TO MAKE. The reality is we have to understand your project (this takes time), we have to record (at least 5 times the recording time versus what you get), then we have to edit (usually 5-10 minutes is reasonable on a 30 second audition). This is 7-15 minutes of our time for a custom 30 second audition that you seem to think we want to give away for free, with no assurance that this is even a legitimate opportunity. And even if it is a real opportunity, we’ll be making a very small amount in comparison to what we would be getting on other sites.

So, frankly, you demanding that we give you free custom auditions is like giving us the bird.

You may be able to get a few of the artist who are new to fiverr to bite because they want reviews, but really they shouldn’t, so don’t ever count on it. And if you ever want to work with an established artist in the future don’t push getting a free custom audition, because it is highly likely they will not want to work with you again.

WE DO UNDERSTAND THAT YOU WANT TO HIRE THE RIGHT PERSON. WE GET THAT. I’ll be putting up posts to give you some ideas of how you can find the right person for your job, while being respectful of voice over artist’s time.


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@gracebjarnson Completely Agree with you …

iam a level 1 seller i recently had a bitter experience with a client… who asked me to record a para and then he placed a custom order after delivering the work he cancelled my order with some silly reasons…

Thank you so much for informing our prospective buyers about the value of a Voice Over Talent and their work…

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