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Word limitation in the gig description


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There seems to be a limitation to use of certain words more than 3 times in the gig description. I like to be thorough in my gig/product description. The limitation means you have to be a language contortionist to explain what is included in the gig when using words like a graphic, eBook, photo, software … whatever. So instead you have to use “it, they, them” and that makes it difficult to understand for the buyer. Not all sellers and buyers are English mother tongue.

Second, the limitation of 1200 chars is OK for the main gig but what if you want to describe the extra gigs that buyers are paying a higher price for. Combine that with the extra gig might include the same words as in the main gig.

So my suggestions are:

  1. Remove the limitation on using the same word.
  2. Set the limitation of 1200 chars to 2000 or give an option for a short extra gig description.
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