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Problem with a buyer


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I had the worst experience so far, I was requested by a buyer for a work, I started the work and I delivered on time, in fact with 19-18 hours early, so the buyer rejected the work and ask me to add 2 articles that I charge for 5 and in other gig, thing is he only paid for the work i did that was 1 gig and for other different thing, I cancelled the order and I told him that, that I dont offer two articles on my gig anywhere, so he rejected my cancellation many times, maybe 8 times, untill he stopped but then he rejected my cancellation 4 am and when i woke up was 7 am and I cancelled again and shows I cancelled late, thing is I am very sure he was looking to just leave a bad review and I was checking on forum and I think now he is able to leave a bad review even when I am rejecting what he ask and I will refound what he paid.

I did delivered on time, the buyer rejected and asked me to add something that worth 10 dollars and that I do not offer on the gig he paid, so when I tried to cancel he was just like I said rejecting and rejecting my cancellation untill show that the rejection was late, but wasn’t ever untill he rejected 4 am and i wake up and saw the time runned off.

*update- I contacted support for this matter.

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