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#FiverrNYC Community Event on Dec 3 2015 - How You Can Participate


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We are live in #FiverrNYC!

Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman along with Super Sellers: customdrumloops, ozzieuk & twistedweb123, will all be participating in a live Q&A.

Send us your questions:

If you’d like to ask them questions, you can drop them here in this thread, or tweet them out to us #FiverrNYC.

For more details about the event, click here.

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It is a privilege to participate. Once in a great while, a Buyer accidentally has clicked on the “Report” link. Fiverr has a policy that shuts down all messages. When trying to get any further information C.S. goes silent and non-responsive. What is the best way to work with CS other than have them report policy? So if my Buyer didn’t report it to me, I’d want to know how many reported an issue. What was the content of the message potentially in question? And who is my community Manager?

Thank you in advance - VoiceoverPete

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Guest selectwearplus

If buyers mistakenly purchase a gig due to a notice, why don’t you refund the money to whichever form of payment they used, because when they withdraw this money from Fiverr, they will have to pay PayPal fees, as an example, on money that never was Fiverr’s to begin with? Thank you!

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