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Where to get help?


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In short - asked some questions, received a custom offer, send as much info as I could for what was described as “custom graphics”, and all I got was a basic photoshop layout with images stolen off a professional photographer’s website.

I offered to cancel the job, no hard feelings, but the seller said she could help and asked for more info.

Weeks went by, I was busy, I send more info, then nothing.

Seller has “For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly” message when I try to communicate so I assume I’m not the only one with issues.

This wasn’t a $5 deal either and as it’s gone on for a few weeks, it’s past the dispute cut off.

Where do I get help with this? It was a rip off, I was patient, I liked the image style in their bio and sell, but all I got was plagiarism. First Fiverr fail for me.

No way I can get a refund is there?

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This is “iffy” depending on how long it’s been. It’s usually a really bad idea to give a seller many days after the due date. Did the seller mark it delivered and it auto-completed? Usually you would want to either:

A. Don’t accept delivery, press the modification button and if they try to keep delivering empty or partial, just cancel after the “ridiculously late” notice pops up. If they wait on you for files/info and it takes you a long time, you want the order sitting in a modification queue, not delivered.


B. Tell the seller not to deliver at all unless it’s a complete delivery. If they deliver partial or empty anyway, resort back to A.

Once the order is marked complete, even if not done right, you usually can’t get a refund weeks later. The seller was probably banned by Fiverr so you can’t reach them. I bought a gig once and was happy, but a month later the work the seller had done for me caused me serious problems. I notified support and they removed my positive review and later on banned the seller, but it was too late for me to get a refund. I learned the hard way but at least the seller lost out too. Sorry! I’ve had many more great experiences with other buyers and sellers!

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Thanks - yes, iffy is one work for it. I don’t think I accepted the order, so maybe auto-completed? I did offer to cancel with “no hard feelings” and I made it clear what she’d provided was nothing like the description. I offered to keep working with them because once again I LIKED THE ORIGINAL SELLING POINTS. Her original artwork looked great, and that’s what I was hoping she could do with some input from me.

Guess this is a fail, the risk you have to accept from a web service that prides itself on being the cheapest.

Up until now, everything has been fine. I’ll try another gig.


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