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Increase your sales BEYOND YOUR BELIEF, guaranteed results


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Hey everyone,

I know, title is catchy as I am very good at it…🙂

Here is what I am talking about.

It’s a simple recommendation method through “fiver collections” when someone purchase your service OR when you deliver the order.

This project is on it’s initial stage and it has capacity to bring massive daily sales flow. I have shocking results and they have to be as this is kind of mouth to mouth marketing…

I need 7 to 8 more sellers to make it really successful.


  1. “average” at least 7 to 10 orders per day.
  2. honest participation…🙂

    So, if you are interested & FULFILLING THE CRITERIA, just comment below OR message me.

    Yap, this is total white hat, no wrong things of course.

    Best regards,


More info as per requested by mrspanda

You just need to put 2 lines either while delivering the order OR in a welcome message. (Tip: If you are not sending welcome/ "thanks for order" message, you are not building good business relationship.)

For example,
Don't forget to check out my recommended services over here: http://fiverr.com/usernameblahblahblah/collections/xyz
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Reply to @vedmak: I have read a few of your posts and you seem convinced that nobody in this world is honest, which leads me to believe you fail to be honest, yet on one of your gigs you claim to have “worldwide acknowledged integrity”. Remind me to never purchase your gigs.

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