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Unaceptable seller\'s support from Fiverr and 500$ theft through Fiverr\'s Order


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Hello everyone,

Before explaining you my problem which will take a very long time, I want to say that this post is adressed to @Fiverr that really messed up with my concern and I want to say that I am really disapointed with it and I am definitely going to leave Fiverr if they can’t even try to help me with my concern! This thread doesn’t concern only me but nearly any seller here on Fiverr as well as buyers, this is a prior concern and Fiverr’s support team did not even thought it had any importance so I needed to let the community of Fiverr judge by itself to make Fiverr do THEIR JOB!!!

Let me explain my story: I’m working mainly as a musician on Fiverr. 2 weeks ago I had someone needing me to compose and record the vocals for 12 songs. He needed it in a very short amount of time and he needed to write the lyrics as well, so to provide high quality content I ordered a lyricist on Fiverr that I paid approximately 150$. We agreed on 500$ dollars for the whole project. One week later, I had done 9 songs out of the 12 and the order had suddenly been canceled by Fiverr’s team and the customer’s account deleted. In fact, the customer just decided to left Fiverr as he had an order running and therefore he didn’t pay anything and was refunded. I paid the 150$ and wasn’t refunded…

Now let’s think about this issue more seriously. Imagine I am a someone with little honor and I decide to have a great job done on Fiverr for 0$: I create an account on Fiverr (preferably I could do it via a proxy to hide my IP adress). Then I would ask someone to do the job, I would pay him 1000$ or more if he wants more. Once the order is delivered, I ask or a modification and I delete my account, I get refunded by Fiverr and have my work for 0$. Believe me or not, but this story showed me that having 1000$ gigs for free is as simple as that on Fiverr!!

How absurd is it?? How stupid?? Why the hell should the buyer refunded when he decided himself to leave Fiverr with an open order??? WHHHYYYYYY??? Fiverr are you serious?? Is it your ethic? Refund the buyers and leave the honest Sellers with their problem???

Now, when I asked Fiverr’s support they didn’t care about it, they basically said that they are highly sorry and that they can’t do nothing, they are sending me copy/paste of useless stereotypycal excuses messages and did not even read most of my message (I guess they’re stopping to read after the first line each time…). They could not give me the contact of someone in Fiverr that could help me!!
How unacceptable is this??? How can Fiverr pretend they have good customer care when they actually told me that they don’t give a damn for this story??? How???

This is the second time this kind of story happend to me (I lost 650$ on Fiverr because of this stupid thing), and Fiverr won’t refund me??? But man this is YOUR FAULT!!! You gotta deal with it, and I won’t!!! This is YOUR FAULT!! Understood??? Why the hell wouldn’t you refund me when this is your FAULT if I wasn’t paid?? Please give me at least one reason why the buyer should be refunded and not the honest seller that by the way make Fiverr won about 2000$ since I work here?? WWWHHHHHYYYY??? Is it fair to you?? Is it fair?? I want to be refunded and I don’t want no excuses, you’re wrong in this story so don’t try any excuses, I won’t accept them until you refund me. Just do your job, that’s easy!!! If I don’t get my money back, I will leave Fiverr and it will be thousands of $ that you will lose? Did you get it?? I’ve got all the proofs for what I am saying, now please just refund me!

Buyers, Sellers, now it’s your time to express yourself, tell the world that how unacceptable this is!! Otherwise, you’ll be the next one to suffer from that Kind of stupidity!

Fiverr, I am higly disapointed… There is no other words: your customer service is worth nothing…
What you have to do now is to refund me, and when a customer leave Fiverr with an open order, not to refund him but only the seller! It’s easy isn’t it??

You know what?? I have friends that are jusrist and lawyers and they’ve told me that you had the legal obligation to refund me, if not, I will make a complaint, and believe me, that’s no joke!!

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Hello all my fellow sellers @Fiverr,
Let me express my deep concern about the incident happened to this thread-starter and my solidarity towards his loss.
I am the lyricist he mentioned in this thread. I must say this project was a tough one as the time period was really very short. Louis and I worked hand in hand to deliver this project in time. We worked day and night and personally we were enjoying this creative challenge; suddenly like a bolt from the blue this incident took place and all the enjoyment of creativity was at once gone! We felt really cheated, helpless, hopeless… I was feeling so awkward to ask him for my payment as I knew he just met with a big monetary loss. I was so helpless to share this loss with him as if I am selfishly leaving my friend on a sinking boat!
My advice (rather say demand) to Fiverr management, if they really want a loyal workforce, they must take immediate action against that imposter and refund Louis his hard-earned money at once. Moreover, they need to take necessary initiatives to avoid this kind of incidences in future.
Friends, let us unite and compel Fiverr management to protect us from these cheaters. Thanks a lot.

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