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45 Reasons Why Fiverr’s Gig Packages Is a GREAT Tool for Sellers – and Buyers


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Ours has become an increasingly restless world, in which unanimity on any service introduced by Fiverr often proves as elusive as satori, the state Zen Buddhists describe as that rare, sudden flash of awareness that produces enlightenment. Yet, there exists at least one sentiment about which the entire Fiverr community agrees: Everybody wins when a seller and a buyer conclude a deal, the seller submits flawless work, and the buyer posts a merry review.

The Gig Packages tool recently introduced by Fiverr can help us all get closer to satori, improving all things commercial for sellers while polishing the Fiverr experience for buyers. The Gig Packages add-on is an effective way to present your Gig, differentiate yourself in a crowded and global Fiverr marketplace, build and keep a loyal customer base, and increase your overall revenue. As an author and publicist with 25 years of experience, I have seen the power of ‘packaging’ in the business world.

[Just FYI – A Gig Package is a summarized and appealing sales pitch. It features important elements found in a Basic Gig, but enhances the sales pitch by offering three levels of value proposition: Standard, Premium and Pro. The good news is, all seller levels (New, 1, 2 and Top-Rated) can implement Gig Packages.]

So far Fiverr has rolled out Gig Packages in select Graphics & Design, Writing & Translation and Music & Audio subcategories (as of Nov. 28, 2015, the publication date of this post). When the rollout ultimately percolates in all categories, we’ll see a win-win scenario for everyone: buyers, sellers and Fiverr.

Opting for the ‘Gig Package’ description or the good-old Basic Gig narrative is essentially a matter of positioning (what you do), benchmarking (what other sellers do) and demand (what buyers want) – so choose wisely.

This post is written from a seller’s perspective, but works fine for buyers, too. Here they are, your 45 reasons why the Gig Packages tool is GREAT (and will remain so) for sellers and buyers.

  1. You can price your services competitively, and can (now) confidently promote your Gigs outside Fiverr – no more worries about appearing to ‘work for pennies’ or selling yourself short.

  2. Expert skills require easy explanations – you can do that with a Gig Package.

  3. You can use your Gig Package as an effective sales pitch. Make an offer buyers can’t refuse.

  4. In your Gig Package you no longer need to include ‘What I Will Do’ and ‘What I Will Not Do,’ a reminder some buyers abhor.

  5. You can customize your Gig Package based on clients’ locations, industries and interests. Use what I call your ‘Geographical Effectiveness’ tool (Fiverr calls it ‘World Domination’ in Analytics, located in the Sales dashboard).

  6. Fiverr makes things flexible: you can keep your Basic Gig description if you don’t like the Gig Packages tool.

  7. You can rank your Gig Packages by popularity and revenue, and use the metrics to solicit business from new or existing customers. Use ‘My Contacts’ to stay in touch with your past and present buyers. Access ‘My Contacts’ through Dashboard/Contacts; Buyer’s name, Completed orders, Amount spent and the Date of the last order. From there you can send him/her a message. (Just say hi, introduce a new Gig, or say I’m available for work.)

  8. You can use your Gig Package to ease the purchasing process for a new Fiverr buyer, who may need help navigating the jungle we are all in. The clarity reflected in a summarized Gig Package is more reassuring than a Gig description showing, say, $5 as a starting price and then Extras, disclaimers, P.S., you name it.

  9. On Fiverr you are successful when you keep things informative and concise. A Gig Package helps you do that.

  10. You can grow revenue by adding Extras that are complementary to your Gig Package.

  11. A summarized Gig Package can be quickly translated into other languages, giving you a chance to attract non-native English buyers and expanding your client base.

  12. The Gig Packages tool compels you to focus on a few services you are really good at, which is always good. Zero in on your fortes, create a few Gigs derived from that talent, and expand from those primary Gigs.

  13. You still can embed your Gig Package in videos and pictures, making it more effective and friendlier to search engines.

  14. You can capitalize on the Gig Packages tool to move up the Fiverr ladder quickly. If you write a compelling description, you will attract buyers and generate orders, which is always helpful in inching closer to the Top-Rated Seller status.

  15. The tool also helps you stay in touch with a buyer after he/she orders a Gig. You can communicate by stages – for example, you can say ‘I’m 90% complete on Process A, 72% complete on Process B, and just starting on Process C.’

  16. With a Gig Package, you can remove the limitations, disclaimers and ‘fine prints’ that often discourage buyers.

  17. You can over-deliver to impress a buyer and put a smile on his/her face. For example, say he/she ordered a Premium Gig. Deliver the Gig as ordered, but throw in some elements of your Pro Gig – ‘to show appreciation for your business.’

  18. You can build buyer loyalty by providing a Gig Package that suits a customer niche.

  19. With a Gig Package, your buyer knows upfront what he/she is paying for – no more fuss, no more unnecessary back-and-forth; goodbye, frustration and misunderstanding.

  20. You still can incorporate your Gig Package information in a picture. You can make your own Gig-turned-picture using photo-editing apps or reach out to another Fiverr seller.

  21. You can optimize your value proposition via the Basic, Premium and Pro packages.

  22. All sellers (from newbie to top-rated) can implement the Gig Packages; the add-on helps to level the playing field in a competitive Fiverr marketplace.

  23. The Gig Packages tool helps you establish your workflow and communicate it to potential buyers.

  24. You can adjust the timelines when incorporating Getty images as Extras. Pay attention to intellectual property, a topic Fiverr takes seriously.

  25. You can recap your skills in a clear, visually pleasing way.

  26. It is easy to update your Gig descriptions to always reflect the most accurate information possible.

  27. The Gig Package tool helps you explain your professional worth to a buyer, particularly on unique or complex projects.

  28. You no longer need to upload expensive infographics onto your Gig description; the Gig Packages tool provides a free, built-in process.

  29. You can still take advantage of custom offers.

  30. You can show your level of expertise through Standard, Premium and Pro. Keep in mind, a potential buyer will always pay attention to your Pro offering to assess your fields of expertise.

  31. You can keep on offering Gig Extras.

  32. You can provide a ‘Melting-Pot Gig’ by inserting in your Gig Package services that are outside your professional field. If you do impeccable work, you could draw the attention of Top sellers and other service providers, who would want to work with you.

  33. The Gig Packages tool helps you stay ahead of the game when responding to a buyer’s request, even if your price exceeds his/her budget. He/she might be willing to adjust the budget if your value proposition is compelling.

  34. With three Gigs embedded in one Package, you have three opportunities to enrich your description with keywords and rank high in search results.

  35. You will lose some customers if you price a bit high – but over time you will attract the type of customers who value your Gig, and you will keep (or increase) your revenue.

  36. With relatively higher prices, you will work less but earn more.

  37. You can learn as you go, and perform benchmarking research by reviewing what sellers in the same category propose in their Gig Packages.

  38. You can appear in multiple Gig subcategories within your main category.

  39. You can still set delivery dates in the Gig Package description.

  40. You retain the ability to upsell (increase one-time revenue) through additional relevant Gigs.

  41. The Gig Package tool enables you to include ‘package’ when creating your Gig description; by now you (should) know the importance of having a great URL for your Gig.

  42. Through a Gig Package, you show a buyer your work is not just about growing revenue, but also delivering value to the buyer and helping him/her grow his/her business in the long term.

  43. The tool helps you improve your response rate and response time.

  44. A Gig Package helps you find your niche easily. ‘Play’ with the Fiverr tools, tweak your Gig description and tags, and review your Analytics after a few days to see what works and what doesn’t.

  45. The add-on helps you think from a seller’s point of view.

That’s it, folks.

If you see other reasons why the Gig Packages tool is effective (or why it is not), please tell us in the Comments.

Thanks for reading – and good luck!

Tomorrow is another day. Keep earning 🙂

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