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These are the right guys for your logo, business card, flyer design


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I am an old graphic master in designing and a new graphic designer on fiverr but what i have come to realize is that on fiverr, the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer. My reason for saying so is because most orders go just to old sellers while the new sellers stand very little chance of getting orders. When i joint Fiverup, it never took me up to a week to get 30 orders for my gig and the reason for this is because Fiverup tries as much as possible to make their young sellers growth by sending(pushing up) their gigs to the first page every week so that every seller can get more exposure to their gigs but in fiverr, this is not the case as am already in the 2month as fiverr seller with just 8 orders to my gig. On fiverr all front end pages are owned and controlled by top rated sellers while the new sellers are at the end of the pack. One other thing that i noticed was that most of this top rated sellers get tones of orders and most at time they end up delivering orders which at the end, some customers turn not to be satisfied. I carried out a short survey on some gigs i ordered on fiverr to compare the services offered by a top rated seller and that offered by a news seller and discovered that each time i made an order from a new seller with maybe 1,2 or 0 others in query I have the best quality order of what i wanted with unlimited revision( This is a small secret about sellers with few orders.They offer so many revisions because they don’t have much work to do especially me) while on the other hand the opposite is 95% true. My reason for saying 95% is because out of the 10 orders i made 9 offered me just 2 modifications which for me was still not okay.But i was satisfied with just 1 of the top rated seller who offerd me 4 revisions. Please i hope the top rated sellers will not misunderstand me but it true because the more work you get, higher the chances that you won’t take your time to do the job but instead you will be hurrying to make your delivery on time and collect your cash.My fellow reader if you want to get the right person to design your logo, business cards, banners, flyers…etc i will advice that you visit the recommended seller page or a new sellers page who has done at least two or more orders and has high rating for orders in his category. Such sellers are better placed to do your work with a lot of care than a top rated seller who has hundreds of orders in query.
For more information in case you want a design for your logo, business cards, banners, flyers…etc you can visit my gig at www.uk.fiverr.com/justicslogo and make your order.
Thanks for reading

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