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How a buyer can change the delivery time of custom order after its delivered?


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I have a problem, Actually my buyer needs some revision on the work I gave him as a custom order so I accepted and told him I require 3 more days to give you some revision because he was not happy with some links.

So I am giving free revision work and he is agree to add 3 more days to delivery time so how he can add more time ? or how I can add more days ? As order is deliver as per the days agreed but he didn’t accepted.

Quick help will be appreciated.

Furqan Arshad

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Hello there.

Tell him to order for modification 3 times in 3 days so time will be stop and you have to deliver in 3 days.I mean to say when one day past deliver the order and tell him to order for modification so the time period will be increase and i think so there is no way to increase once’s the custom order is accepted.🙂

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