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A buyer can cancel the order even it\'s file done and delivered?


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After buyer buy and i have delivery the file, buyer can cancel their job?

i think thats not fair for seller, buyer or customer service must describe. there’s nothing explainer why thats order cancelled.

if the job hasn’t done by me, i think thats ok for canceling.
but for hardwork i’ve done…what a waste time

I see cancelation policy for Delivered Order

Delivered Orders (after the seller clicks Deliver Now and before the order is marked as complete)

A seller delivers none of the requested files (that meet the buyer’s requirements) or proof of a completed service.
A seller delivers nothing at all (just a message with no attachment).
A seller is withholding the final delivery of services for improved ratings.
A buyer who abuses the Request Revisions button for personal taste.
A buyer who threatens to leave a low review to gain more services.
============ ?

my service is vector tracing and the job has already delivered with complete source file, and i dont use any copyright font.

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Some orders can be cancelled even after the order is completed if the buyer uses a paypal account he doesn’t own, so the owner files a dispute and fiverr have nothing to do but to cancell and return the money, yes it’s not fair but it happens and they will always tell you there’s nothing we can do about it sorry.

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