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Removing 20 backround\'s picture with only 5$ and no selling yet


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Hi, First of all, removing 20 pics background at $5 sounds really really cheap. You should know the value of your work and don’t give priority to quantity instead of quality.
2nd: Not everyone comes here to remove 20 pics BG. Some have one, two and so on. Mostly they inquire about the price of 1 before placing the order. Your gig seems too much exclusive which it should not be.

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Guest ughmugglez

I agree with mariarajput76, usually people only have at least 1-7 photos that need background removal.

20 images does sound very cheap. Coming from someone who has Photoshopped for a long time as well, a fair price would be 5 images for just $5 as your basic gig. $1 for each image, because we both know removing backgrounds isn’t complex, expensive, and does not take more than 5 hours for each image. If you want to do 20 images, add some extras.

For example;

  • Do 10 background removals for just an extra $5.
  • Do 20 background removals for an extra $15.

I checked out your gig and my problem with it is your short description that lacks information and you only have 1 sample photo. Try and add 2 more other sample photos, and add more information in your description, don’t copy other gig descriptions. Tell your buyers what you’ll provide and do so they know what they’ll be ordering.

Check out my gig for an example;

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Thank you ughmugglez for you advice, I will edit my description and add some extras.

I have receive an order from a buyer, and he have just send me 3 pictures and he told me that he will send more later, I had sent him the 3 pictures with backround removed.

The time passes and he didn’t send me the other pictures yet,

Should I click on DELIVER NOW ?

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