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Seller Stalls for the automatic completion without delivering


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Ive just had a seller stall for a month and then caught me out with the 3 day automatic completion policy.
My project has not been completed and i have missed the 3 days due to being on Holiday. I sent two messagers to the Fiverr admin but have received nothing back.
Im very disappointed this is now frustrating me this seller has purposely closed this out knowing full well they have not delivered, they should have their account suspended or cancelled.
I am well within the 13 days after the seller marked this as complete without supplying me the 9 articles i ordered. They supplied 3 bad articles and i asked for a revision then they supplied nothing further and said they sub contract it out and nothings been done.
IS this something that happens often on Fiverr, it makes me not trust this system again, maybe i need to go back to using ******* or something.
It is disappointing and a waste of my time…
Did this happen to anyone else?

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I’m glad it all got sorted out. It sounds like the person you ordered from took on too much at once, or was not up to the job to begin with. When you are really depending on someone for a large order, sometimes it’s best to hire a level 2 seller. Usually they will have enough experience to only take on what they can handle, and know if they can really do the job. Also, it’s good if you have never ordered from seller before to have them do a small job as a test run before hiring them for a lot of work. Sometimes the buyer wants too much for too little, but the seller is too chicken to let them know. I don’t know the details of the job, but I hope you have a better experience on fiverr in the future. There really are some great people here who give you an incredible deal for the money you spend.

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