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I don't get answers to my tickets on Fiverr Customer Support


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Recently I notice a very slow motion on support answers. I can understand that tickets may now take 1-2-3 days to respond as the number of users is continuously increasing. However, recently I have tickets with 10 days delay and no answer at all :-/ And I am a level 2 seller 😦

Also, one of my successful gigs:


was completely trashed on searches for over 2 weeks now. Although is been said that is present in searches, I didn’t succeed to find it anywhere in the first 10 pages of Fiverr. Gig has 100% rating, has over 220 reviews, original video presentation and hundreds of work samples.

Thank you for any suggestion may arise


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Well, nothing happened after I posted in here either (11 days now). I am not sure they are any other options left. Did anyone tried to contact them by phone for any kind of issue? Is it any other way? Classic ticket support is completely dead now.

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The support has always been really, really slow. But once they answer they do a good job normally.

But now they are charging the buyer $2.25 (or more) when someone buys a $5 gig! It’s not even a “fiverr” anymore because the minimum order is $7.25! They say its to pay for support…

2020-12-21_221731582×573 52 KB

So on a $5 gig they get $1 of the sale, and then another $2.25. The seller gets $4 and Fiverr gets $3.25…and the shopper gets charged $7.25 for a $5 order. I don’t see how this is good for sellers or buyers?

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