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Working out with SEO is one hell of a challenge


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I’m new to fiverr.com, but already I’m onto freelancing. Fiverr has been a bit of challenge for me as i have worked on other sites and got my sales just like that, but on fiverr i had to work really hard to get my first few sales done.

I had to do some research to get into fiverr.

I would like to share few things to those beginners who are suffering beyond the walls:
Fiverr.com sale is based on

  • Conversion rate
  • Responding time
  • Delivery before the due rate
  • Gig Title and bit of a Description

Conversion Rate

  • Make sure to increasing the conversion rate, don’t ever share your gig to the friends or family you actually know, that they wont buy.
    Because when there is more clicks on your gigs and less inquiries, your conversion rate will go down.

Responding time

  • This is something to worry less, but its always better to keep i hour response rate. Normally you will get more orders from Europe countries so its always better to keep your self alive based on there country time.

Delivery before due rate

  • Always deliver it before the due date, some buyers will be really annoying, so its better to cancel there order, but something worse comes like negative review.

Gig Title and bit of a Description

  • Make sure, your title means what really your gig will do, because on fiverr first thing that take you is the URL to the client who is looking for.

  • In Gig description make sure to mention what your going to do 3 times as it will get your seo ranking bit up and also mention all the extra gig on description itself.

Last but least compare 3 Gigs of other users with yours.

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Some pretty good suggestions. Also just good basic customer service! Return customers means you already know each others limits and working styles. And even if they don’t return, they are much more likely to leave a good review and even recommend you to others.

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I highly recommend checking out the Fiverrcast podcast episode where we talk with one of Fiverr’s resident SEO experts: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/fiverrcast-episode-13-generating-traffic-to-your-gigs-with-seo/

We cover all areas of a gig, including:

and talk about what you can do with each to maximise your gigs search engine optimisation and improve your external (and internal) rank to secure more traffic and hopefully conversions from that

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Your remark on the conversion rate is nonsense.
You can better a have 0,25% buyers from 20.000 visitors than 10% from 100 visitors.
I always suggest not to stare yourself blind on the conversation rate for exactly that reason. The conversion rate is showing a result and is not in any way influencing it. Therefore it is twice as much bullock to suggest not to share your gigs with friends and family. Even if nobody of your friends and/or family would buy anything from you, they still have the potential to recommend you to others.

I made a living in IM for a long time and sometimes I just can’t keep quiet when people who know a little try to teach people who know less a lesson, in order to feel like an expert when they are not.

Last but not least: it isn’t last but least. Get a dictionary.

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The title often makes me think of the gym, though. For all the SEO in the world, having good English (or whatever the target language of the market you’re optimizing for) is vital. One typo won’t hurt that much, but consistently egregious mistakes will affect your valuable conversion rates. It drains you of credibility.

Can’t write well? Hire someone who can. The same goes for every skill. Behind every rich entrepreneur there’s one great skill: delegation. Do what YOU do best, hire others to fill in the gaps–and be smart about those hires.

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