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Trouble keeping up with Inbox messages - because I'm trying to deliver orders!


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Does anyone else feel like your inbox is a never ending daunting task!? That continually fills up! I feel very fortunate that my order list is always around 22… but I love to deliver quickly and not get behind! It takes time to answer messages, that often times are buyers asking for samples of my VO work. Which are on my profile…

I was reading someone else’s discussion about how top sellers keep up with their work loads… And someone had replied that everyone has their own system.

I have put my Fiverr on “vacation” mode several times, just to finish up orders with out feeling overwhelmed that new ones are coming in. this has resulted in my inbox getting SO bogged down, that I don’t have time to respond, because I start back up with many order. ( I know this is a ‘good problem’ to have) but I just like to be Professional, Fast, and Responsive… and lately I feel like I can’t keep up with the inbox!

Any Tips or Tricks people have found that work for you!?

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If you don’t already do so, get the app for responding on the go, it’s makes a massive difference and you would be amazed at the amount of time you save using it while doing other things.
Next up, prioritize the messages, and respond to the urgent ones first - for me these are order notifications, new buyers, regular clients etc.
If a longer response is necessary, send a quick message to say “thanks for your inquiry, I will respond to you in X number of hours”.
Set up some quick response messages for those repetitive messages asking stupid/inane questions.

I admire and commend your desire to be professional and you might find my article helpful.
favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

How I Completed 50 Orders, Made Over $500 and $200 (4 orders) Pending in 6 Weeks

First off, I know this is not the MOST successful a Fiverr seller has ever been but I think its a reasonable return, particularly as it has been my FIRST 6 weeks as a seller. (I started in mid September, had to stop for the first 3 weeks in October...

Reading time: 2 mins ? Likes: 14 ❤

This gives a lot of tips on communication and, if followed, will cut out those irritating over and back conversations which can take so much time!

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Hi i have also face these things sometimes but You have to respond them because if you not respond them then someone other will !!! so always excuse polity or can use quick message
" Hi thank you for contacting me . But unfortunately i am already busy and booked . You can contact me 1 week later or some days later or save my gig for any future work thank you "

Hope thats help you thank you


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